What are the scores, George Dawes?

We keep saying, keep promising and keep reneging on publishing the scorecards. Mostly it’s been out of laziness or being sick to death of the energy investment into the running of the Web Awards. We’ve been harangued by a few people (Hi Tony!) in the past year and rightly so. A promise is a promise.

Web Awards Score Cards

The scorecard for Round 1 for 2011 is now public and the scorecard for Round 2 is also public. For Round 1 a site was evaluated by itself on areas such as UI Design, Content and Interactive Design. For Round 2 websites were compared against the other websites in their categories and evaluated on their purpose. The scorecards have the top 6 scoring websites for the categories as that was moved into the second round judging system. We’ll see can we retrieve the rest from round 1. For 2012 we’ll be moving sites into round 2 in a different way so we should have all the scores for all judged websites.

It will be highlighted to all nominees that the score for their website will be made public and people can compare them to other sites.