Countdown to November 1st 2012

The 2012 Web Awards will take place on November 1st in the Mansion House.

In the next few weeks we’ll be making a series of announcements about the structure of the awards. Thanks for the emails and requests. To answer some questions:


  • Nominations will open towards the end of August and will stay open for a few weeks.
  • Nominations are free.
  • You don’t have to own/run/design the website to nominate it but please do include contact details.
  • Sponsors can’t be nominated in any category.

Sponsorship opportunities:
Sponsors from last year have first refusal.
We’ll be doing early-bird sponsorship this year.

We are looking at killing off some categories and adding some others. We need to find a balance between categories that make sense in terms of getting nominations and the timing of the event. Too many categories = a very very long evening.

Ticket sales:
We’re going to hold off on ticket sales until the finalist list comes out in October. Experience has shown us that putting ticket sales on early results in people who don’t reach the final demanding refunds on tickets they bought.

We’ll be updating the logos and images too in the next while. This is just a teaser post to let you know we’re working away in the background.

Check in here or on Twitter to get up to date information.