2016 Nominations

*see the notes below before you send us a passive aggressive email. It’ll be the difference between being banned from all our awards for life or not.

The nominations for the 2016 Realex Payments Web Awards are:

Best Web Only Publication

Best Daily Web Only Publication

Best Media Site

Best Sports Site

Best Sports News

Best Music and Entertainment

(We had to merge these due to lack of interest)

Best Arts and Culture

Podcast Series

Best Science and Technology – sponsored by BT Ireland

Best Website of a Startup

(Please read the terms of this category)

Best New Web Application/Service

Best Government and Local Government

Best Education and Third Level

An Suíomh Gaeilge is Fearr

Best Microsite

Best Financial Services

Most Beautiful Site

Most Innovative

Sadly we had to delete a large number of entries because innovative appears to mean having a website, a CMS or using colour!. It isn’t.

Best Practice

Best Mobile category did not have enough nominations

Original Writing categories will be released in the next week.


Late entries are €500 per category, payment by credit card only.
Amending an entry will be €50 per category, credit card payment only.
If you want a badge to say you’re nominated, wait, if you don’t want to wait, make your own, rainbows are optional.

Please note, if you email us without being super kiss ass nice to tell us WE got your nomination wrong, we’ll delete your entry and ban you. We get a dozen pissy emails each time we do this where we’re blamed for your fat fingers. Zero tolerance this year.
Email us to moan we didn’t send a pageboy to personally tell you nominations were open and you get banned from all our events. (3-4 of these each year.) We have Twitter, a website and a mailing list. Not our problem if you weren’t paying attention. Look, it’s just a glass trophy, we don’t impact the world.

Most importantly, every year an agency or nominee will complain to us about another nominee and ask for them to be removed. This will see you banned from every awards that we do (Web Awards, eCommerce Awards, SME Awards and Sockies). We get 2-3 of these yearly.

Update: 24 hours later and the above suggestions got ignored by half a dozen people that think they deserve special treatment.