2011 Thank Yous

Thank you to the website owners, the website creators and those who surf the Irish Web for encouraging good website design, structure and taking a chance with developers.

Co-conspirators at the 2011 Web Awards

Thank you to Rick O’Shea and his great MCing of the event. Getting Twitter riled up that the Presidential candidates were attending was a nice move. Thank you to all the sponsors who without their sponsorship help the Web Awards would be an event where we’d be charging you a nomination fee and a high charge to come along on the night.

Thank you to John Williams for his DVD work. Brian Greene for his sound work. Sound man is that sound man. And thanks to his intern. Voice overs were done by the bloke that does voiceovers, known as Voiceover Bloke. Amazing photos were done by Ryan Whalley as per usual. An easy and gifted photographer to work with. Thank you to Alexia, Klara and Charles. Serious stress-relief happened due to the organisational and planning work of Michelle. Talk to her about your event. Thanks to the flying man too. Thanks to the folks at Pivotal Communications for organising goody bags for 300 people. Thanks to comics supremo Tommie Kelly too.

Crazy web work was done by John Blackbourn. Props as usual to props man Fran Hollywood who has now become a co-conspirator at Mulley Comms events now. Big thanks to Catherine and all at Entertainment.ie for their online coverage of the event through posts, photos and videos.

Super awesome mega thanks to the 100+ judges who judged sites. Each site was judged about 8 times in round one and about 9-10 times in round 2.

And very big thank you to Colm O’Regan for getting the crowd going with his fantastic standup and powerpoint routine. Book him for corporate events and liven up your event.