Nominations are closed

Free nominations have ended.

Entering now means you agree to pay €300 to nominate a website.

Read all of this if you want your nomination to go through

  • Only someone from the business/org or an agreed representative can nominate a site in the business categories for this event.
  • We suggest copying and pasting your entry into a Word document just in case anything goes wrong as you’re nominating.
  • An email from will be sent to you to verify your entry. If you don’t verify it, your nominations won’t go through.
  • Once verified you will be sent a link which allows you to edit your entry up to the close of nominations.
  • Nominations close on August 2nd 2016 at 12pm
  • We have another awards just for eCommerce. Nominations open soon.
  • A person can enter sites in up to 4 categories. If you want to nominate multiple sites in one category or are nominating multiple clients then use a unique email per entry.
  • If a single site is entered in more than 4 categories by you, we will delete ALL entries.
  • Late entries (up to 48 hours) incur an admin fee of €300. Asking us to edit your nomination after entries close also incurs this fee. So don’t be late.
  • Your entry will be judged by the public and cranky web developers.
  • Our contact email is but we won’t answer emails about extensions or exceptions.
  • Be careful when copying and pasting with the word count. Delete any white spaces before first and last words.

You can jump to the category that you're interested in by clicking on the links below :

1.Best Web Only Publication

2.Best Daily Web Only Publication

3.Best Media Website

4.Best Sports Site

5.Best Sports News Site

6.Best Music News Site

7.Best Entertainment Website

8.Best Arts and Culture Website

9.Best Original Writing for a Website (Single author)

10.Best Original Writing for a Website (multi-authors)

11.Best Podcast Series

12.Best Science and Technology Site

13.Best Website of a Startup

14.Best New Web Application/Service

15.Best Government and Local Government Website

16.Best Education and Third Level Website

17.An Suíomh Gaeilge is Fearr

18.Best Microsite

19.Best Financial Services Website

20.Best Mobile site

21.Most Beautiful Website in Ireland

22.Most Innovative Website

23.Best Practice